Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 SAR Special Interest Group Meeting

This is just a quick recap of items discussed at our Search and Rescue Special Interest Group Meeting at the 2014 Esri International User Conference in July. 

  • An update on MapSAR / GISCorps pilot project. There was a lot of interest and it sounds like it is time to expand beyond California!
  • An update from Caroline Rose on her MS Project. She is looking to interview more SAR personnel on the types of mapping solutions they currently use so we can design better solutions in the future (ie "MapSAR 3.0"). 
  • Karyn Tareen spoke about  opportunities to collaborate and learn from other workflows eg USAR, Damage Assessment. She and her GeoCove team have already pioneered some  new workflows.
  • Robert Koester has secured funding to continue building out the ISRID Database
  • D4H has added support for the International Search and Rescue Incident Database and MapSAR!
  • A brief update on SARGIS6 East and West. There were a lot of similar themes discussed and everyone seemed very happy with the collaboration between the two locations. 
If you were there or have questions - please feel free to add comments!

Here is a map of attendees.

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