Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Save the Date for SARGIS9 November 6th to 8th

The NAPSG Foundation SAR Working Group is pleased to announce a "Save the Date" for our 9th Annual SAR and GIS Workshop. 

SAR = Search and Rescue, with a focus on missing person search and wildland rescue. Urban Search and Rescue also welcome as material will be relevant to Wide Area Search in disasters.

GIS = Geographic Information Systems - "data you can see on map". What is GIS?

This is an opportunity, each year, to bring professionals from each industry together, "so that others may live..." 

What You Need To Know

Date: November 6th - 8th, 2017

Location: Esri Broomfield Office, outside Denver Colorado

Audience: Primary audience will be SAR Personnel, GIS Specialists interested in Public Safety

Organisations Involved

  • Day 1 - Geospatial Concept of Operations for Search and Rescue
    • Presentations
    • Panel Discussion
    • Lightning Talks
  • Day 2 - Geospatial Decision Support Tools [Basic and Intermediate tracks]
    • GPS Tips and Tricks
    • Paper Maps
    • Web Mapping Applications (On and Offline)
    • Field Apps
  • Day 3 - More Training and Testing

More Details (to be posted below when available)

Registration Page

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