Monday, February 3, 2014

6th Annual SARGIS Meeting #SARGIS6

We are going to West Virginia....and Dunsmuir, CA

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Dates: June 19th - 22nd, 2014

  • Training will be available Thursday all-day and Friday morning
  • Friday night will be a public seminar and social
  • Saturday and Sunday will be an interactive meeting with presentations, demonstrations, and discussion

  • SARGIS6 West: Dunsmuir, California (FireWhat, Inc Headquarters)
  • SARGIS6 East: Morgantown, West Virginia (Exact location TBD)

Free - although a small charitable donation on-site will be appreciated!

Training Prerequisites: 
This training opportunity is meant for people who would already have GIS training and want to learn how to use the ArcGIS Desktop template for SAR or SAR professionals who are willing to prepare for the training by completing some free online training.

Proposed West Coast Agenda (Joined by webcast in bold)

  • 0830h - Introductions
  • 0900h - MapSAR Training Session I
  • 1200h - Lunch
  • 1300h - MapSAR Training Session II
  • 1700h - Wrap-up
  • 0900h - MapSAR Training Session III
  • 1200h - Lunch
  • 1300h - MapSAR Q&A
  • 1600h - Presentation: Why use GIS for WiSAR?
  • 1730h - Welcome / Social
  • 0800h - Presentation: 2013 SARGIS Review, 2014 What's coming next?
  • 0900h - Introductions
  • 0930h - Demonstration: Introduction to MapSAR (part I)
  • 1030h - Presentation / Discussion : How to use Cell Phone data for SAR? 
  • 1130h - Demonstration: Finding local base data
  • 1200h - Lunch
  • 1300h - PresentationDiscussion: Satellite Emergency Notification Devices 
  • 1400h - Hands On: Making maps with MapSAR
  • 1500h - Field Demonstrations: UAVs and GPS
  • 1730h - End of meeting
  • 0900h - Presentation: SARGIS Case Studies
  • 0930h - Hands On: Making maps with MapSAR (part II)
  • 1030h - Presentation: What's new in Lost Person Behavior?
  • 1130h - Discussion: What do we want to accomplish in 2014?
  • 1200h - Lunch
  • 1300h - Demonstration: Advanced MapSAR
  • 1400h - Discussion: Q&A with Esri
  • 1500h - End of meeting
This agenda will likely be modified based on feedback from the group but I thought I would give you all an idea of how it will work. 

Atlantic Schedule TBD (Joined by webcast in bold)

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  1. This sounds like a great solution. Dunsmuir is within driving distance of BC, so I should be able to attend!