Friday, May 23, 2014

Search and Rescue GIS 2014 Eastern US Tour

2014 has already been a great year for WiSARGIS. The community has rallied around some common workflows and is always discussing cutting edge technology on the SARGIS Discussion Group. In addition the Mountain Rescue Association is showing leadership in the Community by beginning their first implementation of a geo-enabled mission collection system (more on that soon!).  

On Monday, I leave for Forth Smith Arkansas where the University will be hosting a cadre of MapSAR Instructors. Wes Cleland, Mark Hollingshead, Caroline Rose, and Marcus Kitchens will be teaching MapSAR to a class of GIS Professionals who support agencies throughout the "Tri-State" area (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri). This event is supported by the NAPSG Foundation and Esri. Also members of the GISCorps will be in attendance as well!

Then, on May 31st, the University of Virginia will be hosting the 40th Annual Meeting of the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference and  Blue Ridge Mountain Group's 40th Anniversary event where I will present on the status and future of the SARGIS Community. This should be a great event in a region I have not spent nearly enough time in. 

After this, FDNY Fire Captain Steve Pollackov and I will present at The National Association For Search And Rescue and the Mountain Rescue Association National Conference (SARCON2014) in Woodcliff, New Jersey. I will be sitting the Command Post during the SAR Games as well, showing how GIS can be used for planning, operations, logistics, command and public information during an incident or training (more to follow!). I have not been back home in a while, it might be time for some real pizza.

This should be a great trip and I will be sure to highlight what I learn here on the blog. Then I will present on this at SARGIS6 in Dunsmuir, CA later in June. I hope to see some of you at these events so we can catch up. 

Special Thanks to Mamata Akella on the NPMap / ArcGIS Online integration!

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