Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MRA Mapping Hangout #1

The NAPSG Foundation and the Mountain Rescue Association have partnered up to do a "Mapping Hangout" once per month to discuss the MRA Mapping Portal. For more information on the MRA Mapping Portal, see this recent webcast from the PMI Webinar Series.

In this Mapping Hangout we reviewed how to use the MRA Mission Data Portal and covered a special topic - How To Make A Public MapYou can download the tutorial here: http://bit.ly/MRATutorial1

The first Hangout had a technical glitch and did not broadcast, so here is a shorter version I recorded alone immediately after.

Below is a simple example of an embedded map from this tutorial.

And here is a web mapping application using the Public Information Map template, created by Jon Pedder from Sierra Madre SAR.

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