Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Map Your GPS Data and Elevation Profile

Today I put together a quick ArcGIS Online tutorial on how to map GPS data and make an elevation profile web app. Feel to free to download and try it out, it is pretty simple and a good introduction into making web apps with no programming. If you are a developer, here is the code on GitHub.

This web app can be a very useful tool for planning your own hike, quickly reviewing field team data, and as a preventative search and rescue tool for letting the public see the elevation change on any given hike. 

Download the Tutorial 

Try the App: http://arcg.is/1UTGjYB

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MRA Mapping Hangout #2

Below is the 2nd MRA Mapping Hangout recording (there was an audio issue during the first 9 minutes so it is being clipped out). George Durkee and Eric Menendez presented "Understanding and Evaluating GPS Derived Data from Cell Phones and other Gizmos". 

This was a treasure chest of valuable information on the topic, I hope you enjoy it and please post comments below. 

Here are some resources from the presentation. 
This web app provides the ability to prompt a recipient to share his/her location via a text message sent to his/her mobile phone containing a URL link. By tapping the link, the recipient permits the phone to send its current location as determined by the location services enabled on the device.
  • USNG App - http://usngapp.org/ 
  • Operational Guide to Cell Phones - https://goo.gl/bJvIDt

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